Sunday, July 27, 2008

Givin up the ghost!

I was talking to my dear, wonderful DIL one day and she mentioned to me that my dear son will NOT give up his "ghost" sleep pants. Now, you have to understand, these are black cotton pants with ghosts on them that I bought the boy a few years ago. Never in a million years did I expect these things to become his favorites of all time, but lo and behold, they have.

Well, DDIL and I were on Rubbernecker while we were on the phone. Since they are in Cali and I am in Ohio, she and I spend a lot of time on the phone, checking out new stamps together.

She saw the image I used below and told me, "Oh, that is YOUR son 20 years from now".

Of course I had to laugh and remind her that he is HER husband and now she has to look at them.

So, I simply could not resist this stamp and of course, the first card I made is going postal to him.

I wonder if he'll get the hint?

So, this card is for my DS in the hopes that he will "Give up the Ghost" and get a new pair of sleep pants. Maybe I just need to buy him a new pair and hope he gets the hint.

Here's the card, just for him.

I colored this with my chalks, sprayed it with protector and then mounted it. Of course, no card is complete without some ribbon and a touch of texture, so I just had to break out the Cuttlebug too.

Happy stampin!

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