Thursday, February 5, 2009

She Really is

It has been truly crazy around here lately. My dad is terminally ill and now at home with hospice care and my family taking care of him. I am trying to spend some time with him every night, but being a single mom can make that difficult. For some reason my little one, who is 11, still has to go to school every day, still wants to eat every day, needs clean clothes, still has homework and scouts and things to do and I still have to work and be a mom. So, sometimes I run out of day before I get everything done.

Fortunately for me, my oldest son was smart enough to marry a wonderful woman. This card is for her. She truly is an angel! Because I like things organized and well planned, I wanted to make sure everyone had the clothes I know we will be needing. So, my DIL and I went shopping and I got a suit for my little one, and I bought her a nice dress. Of course, the suit didn't fit because he managed to grow another size this week. This wonderful woman that my son married was kind enough to return the suit and exchange it for me and last night she brought my youngest to my house after she had a chance to visit with my dad. She stayed at my house with my little one, after she ran to the store and picked up the prescriptions my folks needed, then did a load of laundry for me, loaded and ran the dishwasher, took care of the dogs and in general made it possible for me to spend an extra hour or so with my dad.

I never want to take her for granted and I wanted to make sure that she knows how much I appreciate all she is doing to help me out during this very difficult time.

As I was driving home last night I knew I needed to get her a thank you card and my mind jumped to “If the Halo fits”. I used Purely Pomegranate and Pink Pirouette cs and ink. Inside the card is a layer of Pink Pirouette with the rest of the sentiment which says 'thanks for being such an angel'
To make it sparkle, I added Dazzling Diamonds to the wings, heart, halo and the dots on the dress.

Yes, that is really snow in the background of my picture. The bulb in the lamp I use to light my photos burned out. Now, of course, it's a special bulb and I always have to remember where I buy them, so it takes me a few days to get a new bulb. Now, if I were really smart, I'd buy extra bulbs and not have to go outside in the freezing cold to take my photos. Guess I haven't figured that part out yet. So today, in subfreezing weather (-3 before the wind chill) I went outside to take the picture so I could post this to my blog.

Happy Stampin'!

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McStamper said...

Oh Michelle this card is perfect for the special angel in your life. It's so pretty

I know you often spoke of how much you loved her and how happy you are that she became part of your family. What a blessing that she is so nearby now.

I'm sure she gets pleasure knowing she can help you through this difficult time. My love and hugs are with you all.

Pat (mspfd) said...

This is the perfect card for your wonderful DIL and from what I read she has a pretty wonderful MIL. Take care of yourself during this difficult time.

Jackie said...

What a cute card! nice job...tfs!!

britta said...

This is a very sweet card and for a wonderful reason. I hope you can find some peace during this difficult time!