Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Joys of

being a homeowner! NOT

I know I have been MIA for a while a will probably be MIA just a little longer. But it all revolves around the joys of being a homeowner!

7 years ago I bought my own home as a single woman with 2 kids. I bought a century home that needed a ton of improvements. The boys and I worked for 3 solid months before we could even move in. A century home comes with lots of great features - wide woodwork, pocket doors, wonderful built in china cabinet and all sorts of other great features. A century home also comes with century old goodies like plaster walls instead of dry wall, old wiring, gas line pipes for lighting and so much more.

My wonderful home with all its goodies decided that it was time for a new kitchen ceiling. The plaster ceiling fell in about a week ago. With this came a ton of coal dust which is everywhere. We have gotten the ceiling replaced, but now have to finish skimming the walls, paint and finish up this job. Unfortunately, my craft room is right outside of the kitchen, so until the kitchen is finished, my craft space is kind of out of commission due to the fact that the dust is everywhere.

I will try to post a couple of projects later this week that I have managed to work on when the contractor was not here and I had a chance to clean up first.

Hoping all is going wonderfully in your world, wherever you may be.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with all that your heart desires!


Christyne (aka Apple Blossom) said...

Chin up my friend! This too shall pass!

Lynn said...

Mommy said there would be days like this! She just didn't say there would be this many!!

Hope it is smooth sailing from here on out!! Best wishes, Michelle!!

Paige said...

sending cyber hugs and best wishes for life to return to normal soonest!

my5bratz said...

know how you feel...our first house we built from scratch and I said never again, our next house we brought as a fixer upper and is taking FOREVER so I don't think we'll do that again...we still have that house but we are currently living in a rental least when something goes wrong here, someone else has to fix

Kristin said...

yikes! I'm finally getting around to blogs after what seems like months (even tho it is only a couple of weeks). I am so sorry!

Anonymous said...

Have we got piccies of the finished kitchen yet????? Was it as stressful as you thought it was going to be?