Sunday, September 7, 2008

True confessions

I’ve been looking on SCS and tons of blogs at all of these great craft rooms and drooling over some absolutely beautiful rooms. There are so many great rooms out there.

I had a room upstairs, a spare bedroom that I turned into a craft room. But it was removed from the rest of the house and I didn’t like being away from my son, so I gave up that room and moved everything downstairs into a smaller space.

While checking out all of these great spaces looking for ideas and reading all of these great threads and blogs, I ran across a thread about hoarding supplies. I chuckled as I clicked on it, thinking to myself “I’m glad I don’t hoard.”

Oh, I quickly realized, I hoard, I save, I justify - I do it all!

One of the posts I was reading, the poster talked about not saving any scrap of paper that wasn’t 5 ½ inches. I rolled my eyes at that. Then I started going through my scraps – Oh what can I say?

I had scraps that were just too small to do anything with. As I looked at them I wondered why I saved some of these scraps. Some were pretty scraps of DP, some were scraps of CS, some scraps of chipboard.

So, I purged. I threw away. I organized. I cleaned. I filled a small trash can with scraps that would never get used.

I have scraps smaller than 5 ½ but, they are usable. Part of my problem, which I now recognize, is that I try to save money whenever I can, so throwing away paper is like throwing away money. Forget the fact that I will never be able to use the scrap. It would be a shame to throw it away. I may be able to use it someday. Some of our papers are not cheap. Some are beautiful. Some are discontinued. Some were purchased for a specific project. No matter what excuse I come up with, it all ends the same. I hoard!
So, tell me what you do with your scraps. Are you a hoarder and saver? Can you part with those adorable scraps of DP?

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