Tuesday, June 24, 2008

design team???

I was on Splitcoaststampers earlier today just perusing the forums and there was a post about all the wonderful woman who are on various design teams, some of these talented ladies on more than one team.

Anyway, it got me thinking how great it would be to be on a design team. Now there was lots of discussion about the big question of being on more than one team being a conflict of interest. The point was made time and again that it isn't a conflict of interest because you really can like more than one brand of stamps.

That got me thinking about my favorite stamps set. Now, I started stamping with Stampin' Up! which is a great company and the sets made it really easy for me as a newbie - all the pieces and parts right there and coordinated, just like Grananimals for kids. But then I learned that there are other companies out there and I developed my own style of stamping learning that I can mix and match and no one is gonna come knocking on my door to arrest me for playing mix and match.

So, it being on more than one design team a conflict of interest? I don't think so. But being on a design time has given me a goal to shoot for. Maybe by this time next year you'll see me at your favorite company.

Happy Stampin!

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